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《備註 Remarks》

  1. 確認訂單即表示你確認你已經閱讀、理解和接受外賣自取平台的條款及細則個人資料收集聲明,以及悅來坊的私隠政策並同意受其約束。
    By placing your order, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions and the Personal Information Collection Statement of Panda Place E-ordering Platform and the Privacy Policy of Panda Place, and have agreed to be bound by them. 
  2. 請確保以上提供的電郵地址和電話號碼是正確,以供商戶就有關外賣訂單的任何問題與您進行溝通,您的訂單資料亦會傳送到提供的電郵地址。
    Please ensure the above email address and contact number are correct, as an order summary will be sent to your registered email for your reference, and the merchant will communicate with you directly regarding the order details.